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From: ct sydney
Message: Great site

From: Bronwyn Sydney  
Message: A pure and personal vocalist that doesn?t hide behind sythed shenanigans. It?s intimate listening.

Message: I asked my friend to have a listen to \'This Girl\' and she said it was a little bit like Judith Durham

From: Monica Australia  
Message: Monica at work is currently listening to "This Girl" and says the style is a little bit Kate Cebrano but not the voice.

From: Brooke Sydney  
Message: You have such a unique voice. There are elements of other singers but you don't sound like anyone else
There's a sardonic flavour that reminds me of a Gainsbourgh attititude (but not the voice)

Message: Sometimes there\'s a jauntiness that's a bit like Joni Sometimes there's a smokiness that reminds me of Peggy Lee (but more irreverent) There is crispness in yr clear ennunciation like I don't know who

From: sasha london  
Message: I am sooo enjoying the new album, FREYjA! Kind of different, musically, to the previous three, but still the same strong poetry.
I love your voice both as a poet and as a singer. Good luck!!!

From: Biteugly Paris  
Message: FREYjA,

This Sunday, hear you live was a huge pleasure.
You have managed to convey so many emotions in your songs on the stage that I have only one idee ...see you again in live show.

I was very touched by the way you sang \\\\\\\"Les vieux amants\\\\\\\" - \\\\\\\"One forever love\\\\\\\" by Jacques Brel. See you ... as soon as possible on stage.

Thank you for all that you give us.

From: Anna B. Paris  
Message: I am waiting in anticipation for your concert on Sunday at FNAC on Champs Elysees. It is wonderful that you are performing there. We love \"This Girl\" in our home playing & your other 2 CDs. We are moving to Berlin. I hope you play there sometimes too. When is your new CD coming? Anna B. (your fan)
If you can find a tour manager & label with the budget & the focus to manage it then we would love to tour to Berlin! thankyou for your on going support. Keep your ear to the ground for the new album NOT THAT GIRL which will be available soon

From: Przemek Draheim Poland
Message: It?s here. Your parcel with ?This Girl? CD has reached me safe and sound.

It was worth to wait as your music has a touch of magic in it. A little bit of blues, French music and love making songs ? all that is mixed in a tasty way and creates a special roots music stew. Your voice is so seductive, very emotional and sensual. I just close my eyes and listen, I can?t have enough of your singing. It is a day dreaming record.

I will be more than happy to present your music in my shows, my listeners will be impressed with your disc.

From: PAOLO LANDINI italy - padova  
Message: When you will come next time in italy?
Thanks for your message! Yes well we played in Rome & Vieste many years ago & you italians did seem to dig wot we do!

Invite us back please! Get a promoter & a financial backer & we would love to tour Italy again

From: Libby Sydney  
Message: The MC at the concert read out your gorgeous email during the concert, raved about what a distinguished 'old girl' of the school you were and encouraged everyone to buy your CD which was for sale in the foyer. We were holding back the tears when your email was read out! I made a point of checking they?d displayed the CD it prominently ? they had. They?d also printed off the cover of the CD and put it in a big frame on the table, so that as much attention was drawn to it as possible. Of all the CDs being sold, yours received top billing which is great. They also played it before and after the concert in the foyer, so I felt in some strange way that you were with us, hearing that heartbreaking song ?One Forever Love? in the background.

From: Gabrielle Paris  
Message: Coucou,

Quand tu as sorti ton cd et que tu m'as dit "voilà ton cadeau" ça m'a beaucoup touché, parce que je ne m'attendais pas à ce geste, donc vraiment, merci beaucoup.
Après le concert de Chantilly je suis partie en tournée plusieurs jours et quand je suis rentrée, c'était un peu triste d'avoir quitté les amis, de rentrer à Paris sous la pluie.
Ce soir là j'ai mis ton cd et c'était exactement le bon moment; toute cette douceur, cette musicalité tranquille, cette liberté qui s'en dégage m'ont fait un bien fou! Je l'ai mis trois fois en boucle!

Merci beaucoup beaucoup et bravo pour toute ta créativité, je suis très admirative. Je t'embrasse bien fort. Gabrielle

From: Alex Paris  
Message: You know what I think, that your new album "Not That Girl" is a bomb atomic !! And am really sure of that.
In general, just before people are going to get what you they have always wanted, it is exactly at that moment that they stop believing in it. I know it is hard to be always on the top, but you have to relax and only to think about what is your aim of the month, and this month is to finish the album.
It may be as when you have a baby, the last month is the most difficult. Only one word : BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND BELIEVE IN LIFE

From: Peter Corser Paris
Message: Hello FREYjA. You sent me info about your new album and it sounds great. I don't know why your not signed either? The music business is all a mystery. You work like hard and nothing happens, then something just pops up out of the blue. Good luck with it all. Let me know if you\\\'re ever short of a saxophone player. I'd be delighted to help you out. (I live in Paris). Best wishes, Peter Corser

From: Sherylanne Sydney
Message: Hi FREYjA - I think you are amazing, and ive kinda been noticing everything you\\\'ve been doing, especially in Paris. I will try to put this info out [about the new album] for you on my emails, are you still doin any of the Brasillian stuff?

From: Benjamin USA
Message: I did have a chance to listen to "This Girl" recently and felt so compelled to post it as the month's "Headphone Masterpiece", which I hope to couple with an interview. Benjamin

From: Melissa Bruce Sydney
Message: WOW an exotic bird in the Moulin rouge pecking at crumbs and sequins on the big stage
Your tenacity, passion and dedication are inspiring and of course it is paying off!
Can?t wait to read the autobiog not to mention hear the music.

From: Martin Amsterdam  
Message: I hope with a lot of your so original raw-attack, less my little pony with on top cinderella in stockings (let's make that picture!)
Perhaps sooner than later in this theater.
Much love, guts & glory,

From: Jennifer Paris  
Message: You were fantastic last night. You should feel very damn proud of yourself. You\'ve really made a great career for yourself here. And a creative one that comes from the heart using your talents. Bonus points! x Jen

From: AJ Southern Highlands  
Message: Hello my glamorous friend!
Congratulations on your well deserved and earned success in Paris. Very proud and thrilled for you.

From: Barry J Paris
Message: Message: Hey my sweet,
You see I am on your mailing list. I loved your show and you are truely amazing and sexy on stage. Take care, Barry

From: Gaia - Omnia Agency Paris  
Message: was sorry to let you all just after the show to drop in otrher prof apointement; i really would have like to share more emotions with you; you were just so sexy, cute and professional !! Yeah !

From: Gilbert et Simone  
Message: FNAC showcase was very beautiful...we are listening to yr album & it brings so peace in our home

From: Paula Paris - London  
Message: Top stuff. Beatufiul concert. You do Australia proud

From: Martin Amsterdam  
Message: 'ik worstel en kom boven'
'luctor et emergo'
'i stuggle & emerge'

From: Amanda Easton (Pop Tart) Sydney
Message: I\'m definitely going to bolster your online sales by at least one -I love your stuff! Congrats on the French sales, that\'s so great!
All the best, Amanda

From: Laurent Paris  
Message: unfortunately I will be in Luxembourg tomorrow,
I am sure you will be gorgeous and make an outstanding concert as usually.

I'll think of you ;-) Laurent

From: Your most supportive fans Sydney  
Message: Break a leg babe. We are so proud of you and of you all the way over there in Paris. You are amazing and deserve all the signing and sales and recognition you get today. All our love and kisses from all of us

From: Beth and Jim Eckenrod Paris  
Message: Wonderful to hear you at Patricia\'s soiree. Lots of new fans added. Enjoying the CD so much. We look forward to the new ones coming out.
I am so sorry it has taken me so long to reply to you! I wonder if you were there at the Showcase at FNAC? I do hope so, it was such a lovely night. Apparently there will be another one however. Hope to see you at a concert now you are on the mailing list. Thankyou for leaving your message & for buying my album. New albums will be out in 2009. Love FREYjA

From: Gabrielle Paris  
Message: Ce soir là j'ai mis ton cd et c'était exactement le bon moment; toute cette douceur, cette musicalité tranquille, cette liberté qui s'en dégage m'ont fait un bien fou! Je l'ai mis trois fois en boucle!

Merci beaucoup beaucoup et bravo pour toute ta créativité, je suis très admirative

Je t'embrasse bien fort. Gabrielle

From: Jon Hawley Sydney  
Message: Rebecca, that is one wonderful CD!!
Full of love. I've been playing it every day.
The backing is very cool, creative and appropriate for each tune and,
Nature Boy is one of my favourite songs. The poem at the start is great too. Love, Jon

From: RUFINO CANCUN/mexico  
Message: REBECA HELLO,u will not remenber me.,but i have to clear u mind,Rufino om london ,u give two cds in my bayswater,italian coffee remenber,after 9/10 years am still leasing to your cds ,merci you very much
am so glad you like them & are still, after all this time listening to them! hopefully you like them so much you will buy the new one which is available now! called THIS GIRL. thankyou rufino...i am really glad my music moves you FREYjA

From: Przemek Draheim Poland
Message: Dear FREYjA,
My name is Przemek Draheim. I am a blues radio DJ from Poland. I sent you a message using your myspace profile but your management told me to try to reach you through this guestbook while you are recording. I host two blues radio shows and I cooperate with American Living BluesRadio Charts.

I found your profile while browsing myspace. I listened to samples of your music and I like it a lot - you have a beautiful, seductive voice! I would love to present your music in my shows and tell my listeners more about you. Are you interested in that?

Please, let me know. Best wishes,
Przemek Draheim
With pleasure Przemek, & now that we about to sign a European distribution deal, hopefully we will tour to Poland & meet you live. In the meantime I will reply to you by email. Thankyou for your appreciation of my work. The recordings are sounding great. We have recorded the beds for 2 albums in 2 weeks & will be finished by the 21st December! Best wishes. FREYjA

From: Ella Sydney  
Message: Wow Wow Wow ! It was so fabulous to get your new CD ........ You have grown so much with this one ........I love your old stuff but this takes you on a more soulful journey .......Its very special .....and so are you !

From: Kate Needham Geraldton, Aus  
Message: hey there, Stoked ur doing so well O.S. xxx,Kate
thankyou... things a bit frantic with the choir concerts & new distribution deal in europe plus in studio recording new album but will send you a quick email. love x

From: Rebecca Rennie Sydney  
Message: We share the same name, but not the same talents. I truly admire your artistic abilities & gain inspiration & strength from the soulful lyrics.
Thankyou Rebecca! one never imagines there is another one out there in the world - & in my home town whatsmore! Thankyou for appreciating my work. It means a lot to hear this. Please encourage people to buy my albums. It all really helps support this artist's spirit! FREYjA x

From: Viisti Dickens Sydney - Paris  
Message: Keep the faith - you are am amazingly talented woman with incredible strength, charisma and clarity. dont forget it!

From: Martine Paris  
Message: Freya I forgot to congratulate you for the Fnac success for The Girl CD. I am not surprised and I am sure it will work again as it is very very good. I listen your CD always and I love them!

From: John Cummins Paris  
Message: It was great meeting you last night at Patricia's and we are so pleased to see the success of your recent CD.

From: Olivier aka Monmatre, Paris
Message: Hello My Friends ! :)
It was great to hear and watch you playing yesterday.
You should find the good director (?metteur en scène) to work with him and create ?the? musical hall !
I know it?s easy to say but this is how i feel your project.
A bientôt ! Bises Olivier

From: Dave Pollock United Kingdom  
Message: Hi
My wife and I saw you in Sydney a number of years ago and enjoyed you music so much we have your CD's. Didn't realise you were now performing in Europe, as we will be returning to Australia in November we had hoped to do a catch up and hear you perform again, sorry we won't be able to do that. However do you ever venture up to Scotland, if so we would love to come and hear you again.

From: Jennifer Kent Sydney  
Message: Becc! All my emails were wiped and I no longer have your email address! I\\\'m coming to Paris in September and would love to catch up. Lots of love, Jen Kent
Will be between Paris, London & Figeac in Summer. See you here in Paris I hope xx

From: anne v paris  
Message: bonjour,
je suis passée hier en coup de vent ...
belle voix freya de rouge vêtue...
bon ....j'espère que lui suite s'est bien déroulée ...a bientôt ...anne

From: Sophie Serafino Sydney, Paris, London
on behalf of all the kittens, I just want to say a huge THANKYOU to you for your amazing musicianship and hard work. Not only have you learnt all our songs and done a fantastic job, you were always on time, reliable and just lovely to hang out with too. I definately hope you will be available in future for gigs in Paris! You guys ROCK!!!!
Love Sophiexox

From: Lou Petho Paris  
Message: Thanks for the beautiful songs and wonderful voices the other night at the Cithéa Nova.
A pleasure! We have another one there in September so watch this space!! Was nice to have someone in a French audience who understands what a DropBear is!

From: Heidi London
Message: FREYjA You my dear were amazing last night. Wow! I loved your set. I\'m sorry I missed you so I couldn\'t speak to you properly last night. I caught Mykey.
I can\'t pinpoint the style it\'s your own! You have such a great presence on stage. Beautiful. The crowd were loving you guys.

I feel proud to be performing with such amazing women, writers and performers in Paris. See you in Paris xx

From: Stephen Alomes Canberra/ Paris  
Message: Just love the album.......!!! Will buy the others via the web...for Aus rather than now.

And I'm not usually a whoop whoop sort of boy. I normally leave those Indian noises to the Americans - but it is really great!!! Congratulations.

From: Jean-Pierre (msg to myspace) (Paris-France)  
Message: Freyja. Each passage on your page is always a refreshing moment for me. A stop of time. Thanks for making us dream.

From: Deb Paris  
Message: Love the CD! Mellow sounds for a warm afternoon. I will listen again. Good on you, congrats

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